Selenium Trainings


  • Java TestNG API concepts for coding test scripts (but can deliver Junit if required),
  • Basics of Java OOP concepts (JDK 1.7+),
  • ANT for command line driven execution
  • Data Driven framework development (includes core and extended framework)
  • Hybrid Driven framework (Data+Keyword driven) (includes core+extended)
  • Basics of Selenium Grid (for parallel test execution)
  • Basics of Maven for integration with Java Eclipse
  • Basics of Cucumber BDD and its integration with Selenium through Junit

Selenium training is up-to-date, comprehensive and involves real world coding examples. After the training, the students can work independently on developing dynamic testing frameworks with ease.

Course Duration

  • 10 hours per week
    • Class size is 3-4 students to ensure quality of training
    • Without framework development (either TestNG or Junit)– 6 weeks training
    • With framework development (either TestNG or Junit) – 12 weeks training